Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL: About our Therapists

Each therapist brings to you a unique background and various specializations. No matter what your needs or preferences are, we at Chicago Touch are sure we can find the perfect fit for you. Read about our therapists and still not sure? Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have about our massage therapy in Chicago, IL.

Angelica Gomez 

Angelica is a certified practitioner of a restoration therapy that graduated from Pacific and Asian Restoration Therapies of Dan Zan Ryu and was certified in 2006. Okazaki Restorative Therapy is a combination of amma (original Japanese therapy), acupressure, shiatsu, lomilomi, herbology, reflexology, and western massage. Also known as Long Life Massage or the “famous elbow” technique, Restoration Therapy is a full body treatment that is designed to balance the systems of the body and promote healing. Ninety percent of the work is done with the crux of the elbow which gives Okazaki. Restoration Therapy can treat a host of conditions such as stress, illness, tension, and headache.

Therapist specialties: Restoration Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Hot Stone, Raindrop Technique

Jennifer (Gia) Bermes, LMT

Gia is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from The New School for
Massage Therapy and Healing in 2011. Throughout her massage career she has had
experience in both chiropractic and luxury spa settings. Gia’s approach to massage
therapy is different with each client. Depending on stress, discomfort, and prior
injury every client deserves a different approach. She uses her knowledge and
intuition to provide a relaxing and healing session for all clients. When massaging
her key is to make them as comfortable as possible to insure that leave relaxed and
receive all healing benefits from each session.
Therapist Specialties: Sweedish/Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Shiatsu


Ning Suanthong (Acupuncturist)

Dr. Suanthong has a Master’s degree in education and a Ph.D. in mathematics and statistics. After working successfully in the field of research methodologies, mathematics, statistics, and measurement (psychometrics) for 12 years, she was inspired to make a major career change to the healing arts.  She says, “To connect and work with others makes me find true happiness.”
Dr. Suanthong’s healing arts experience includes a Master’s degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine—MTOM at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2002-2007); Asian bodywork–Zen Shiatsu, Tuina, Thai, and Craniosacral Therapy at Chicago Touch (2008 – present) and Lakeshore Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (2013-present). She is skilled in treating musculoskeletal problems (neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee pain–both acute and chronic problems), general wellness and health balance (energy, immunity, and circulation), mental and emotional disorders (stress, anxiety and depression), sleeping, eating, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders, reproductive disorders (fertility, menstruation and PMS), respiratory problems (asthma, sinus and allergies), addictions (smoking and alcohol),  neurological (headaches and migraines), and ENT problems (ear, eye, nose and throat).
Besides acupuncture treatment, she is also offering the following additional healing, relaxing and vitalizing hands-on therapies and Asian bodywork: Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu (Japanese Body Work), Tuina (Chinese Traditional Medicine soft tissue manipulation), and Craniosacral Therapy.

Practitioner specialties: Acupuncture, Asian Bodywork

Marco Lopez, LMT

Marco graduated at the Soma Institute National School of Clinical Massage in 2000. With over 15 years of experience, Marco brings to the table an expert blend of the following modalities: Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Structural Therapy, Hakomi, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Trigger point therapy.

Therapist specialties: Deep Tissue, Structural Therapy, Asian Bodywork, Trigger Point Therapy

Michael Flatley, LMT 

Michael's Background includes:

Touch For Health Instructor since 1990

Six years of clinical experience under supervision

Graduate East-West College of Healing Arts

500 hours in specialized kinesiology intensives

Extensive intuitive coursework

Teaching at two massage schools

Private practice in six states, plus employment at spas and gyms.

Michael took his first healing arts course in 1981, pursuing it as a hobby for seven years before making it his profession in 1988. He enjoys blending compression techniques, structural bodywork, Swedish, and other methods according to your needs and preferences. Your response to various techniques will direct the healing process.

Therapist specialties: Energy Kinesiology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, Sports Massage, ESR (Emotional Stress Release), 14-Muscle Balance, 42-Muscle Balance

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