Compression garments and colombian fajas

Recovery after a medical procedure might be a long journey, but there are some great options to ease the process. At Chicago Touch we are specialized in the most recommended treatments after medical procedures. We suggest the use of lymphatic drainage massages combined with the use of compression garments and/ or Colombian fajas.

The use of a good compression garment can be a great ally after certain surgeries and medical procedures and compression garments are extremely recommended after plastic surgery procedures (Brazilian butt lift (bbl), liposuctions, tummy tuck procedures, …).

  • Whole body compression garment with adjustable straps

    Skin: Skin Colombian faja,body shaper, post liposuction garments Black: Black colombian girdl, post surgical compression garment

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  • Full Bodysuit Front hooks

    Skin: Skin Whole body Faja, liposuction compression garment Black: Black Whole body faja, lymphedema compression garment

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  • Whole Bodysuit Shapewear - hook open crotch

    Brown: Brow Colombian faja Shapewear, compression garment after surgical procedure. Skin: Nude Colombian body Faja, post tummy tuck garments Black: Black Colombian girdle, colombian corset, post liposuction garments

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  • Full Bodysuit Shapewear

    Mocha: Mocha Whole Body Faja Shapewear, compression garment after tummy control. Nude: Nude Whole body Faja, post tummy tuck garment Black: Black Whole body faja, post abdominal surgery compression garment

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  • High Compression Full Body Knee

    Mocha: Mocha Whole Body Faja Shapewear, arm compression garment Black: Black Whole body faja, compression garment sleeves after brachioplast

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Shannon Drewry
I've had a lot of massages in the city and I've gone here twice and I got the best Swedish massage by far.
Tyshai Freeman
Tyshai Freeman
I would like to publicly recommend Chicago Touch; my experience here has been extremely pleasant. I have received 5 lymph drainage massages by Felicia and she is the best!! She really took care of me, coming back soon!
Wody Willian Santana
super good experience! The therapists were very professional, gave me full attention and solved my problem. I really appreciate the place, we can see that everything is very well maintained, providing a pleasant, relaxed and warm environment.


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Compression Garments and Colombian Fajas
Recovery after a medical procedure might be a long journey, but there are some great options to ease the process. At Chicago Touch we offer faja fitting services that combined with our Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) would expedite your recovery.
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Compression Garments & Colombian Fajas
Recovery after a medical procedure might be a long journey, but there are some great options to ease the process. At Chicago Touch we are specialized in the most recommended treatments after medical procedures.
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