About Us

"Our niche is in providing the strongest value to price ratio."
Michael Flatley , Owner and therapist

     Chicago Touch is a diverse group of therapists who enjoy helping people. We offer a wide variety of services, including reiki healing, acupuncture, and massage therapy in Chicago, IL. Most of us combine techniques and modalities according to needs and requests. We see a lot of people who are new to massage therapy, and many who’ve been getting bodywork throughout their lives. In addition to licensed massage therapists, we have two acupuncturists, one restoration therapist, and one cranial-sacral therapist. Think of us as a wellness center, or a stress-reduction center.

      After four years at 1121 N. Ashland Avenue, we have moved to a new facility at 1335 W. Lake St. We were a storefront before. Now, we occupy a suite toward the back of a newly renovated commercial building. While our previous space was sometimes lacking in various ways, it did clarify our needs. The unfavorable reviews typically referred to our interior environment, especially the lack of sound insulation. We still managed to provide 25,000 hours of service in that space. Now we have an upgrade.

    Given the problems of the world, the economy and accelerated change, stress reduction make a lot of sense. Stress doesn’t just limit functioning; it restricts awareness. The various providers in this field all have their niche. Our niche is in providing the strongest value to price ratio. Without phenomenal value, too few people will commit to making regular bodywork a priority.


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