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Chicago, IL 60607

Feel better, stress less

Welcome to Chicago Touch, a wellness center offering a variety of massage therapy treatments, bodywork, acupuncture, medical massage, and therapeutic techniques to assist in healing from medical procedures, including scarring. We’ve been in the West Loop for over 10 years. With our partner, Urban Care Chiropractic, located in our center, it’s easy for you to receive whole body care at one location.

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Picture of Aitor Nievas
Aitor Nievas
I used to have back pain and neck pain for being sitting for long periods of time, after the first session I already feel way better.
Picture of Dave Kim
Dave Kim
This is a hidden gem featuring an amazingly talented lineup of massage experts. I've had several of the therapists here on multiple occasions. Highly recommend.
Unknown picture
Lisa Whitmire
What a remarkable experience at this magical massage place. It's a really cool spot. It's serene. I did not even feel like I was in Chicago.
Unknown picture
Rose Z
Dr. Ning is amazing with acupuncture and a true healer.
Unknown picture
Irene Parker
Our masseuses paid attention to each of our trouble areas and were very responsive to us throughout the massage. I would highly recommend Chicago Touch.
Picture of Yong Qui zheng
Yong Qui zheng
My friends and I would try to stop by after our long basketball game. The name said it all. Best massage place around.
Picture of Jessica Dangelmaier
Jessica Dangelmaier
Definitely the best massage I’ve had in Chicago. Michael was fantastic he has been doing massage for 29 years and his experience shows.
Picture of Shannon Drewry
Shannon Drewry
I've had a lot of massages in the city and I've gone here twice and I got the best Swedish massage by far.
Picture of Gaby Baltazar
Gaby Baltazar
One of the best massages I’ve ever had! Highly recommend I‎t!

Certified experts

Chicago Touch has provided over 80,000 hours of service, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and prenatal massage, clinical bodywork and acupuncture, to more than 12,000 clients. We invite you to experience our dedicated staff and wide selection of treatments to help on your path to feeling great.

Recently Chicago Touch began offering an exciting new state-of-the-art treatment: Lymphatic Enhancement Technology™️ (LET) using LymphstarPro®, a proven system of electronic instrumentation that improves circulation, assists detoxification and aids immune functions at a deep cellular level by amplifying the body’s ability to release fluids. It can help sufferers of post cancer edema, surgeries and injuries and can be combined with manual lymph drainage (MLD) techniques. Chicago Touch staff members are trained and certified in the use of LET.

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Meet our team

Picture of Felicia Saffold, LMT

Swedish Massage, Clinical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal, Postnatal Massage

This is the only body you'll ever have. Make the most of it.

Felicia’s treatments range from full-body relaxation to focusing on specific areas to bring back balance. With appreciation for the uniqueness of each and every body and a love for her work, she will tailor your massage to ease the stress of your daily life and start you on your road to recovery.

Picture of Alisia Coutain, LMT, BS

Clinical Massage, Relaxation, Trigger Point Release, Sports Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Lymphedema massage

There's no reason to get comfortable with pain and stiffness.

Massage is a craft and an art for Alicia. Her work is very detailed and results-oriented. She will help you to become more aware of your body and your breathing, while waking up the muscles that have, over time, grown comfortable with pain.

Picture of Michael Flatley, LMT

Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Acupressure, Clinical massage, Post Cosmetic Surgery (tummy tuck, liposuction, post-op massage)

Energetics and intuition are key to effective bodywork.

Michael uses his expertise in the mechanics and anatomy of movement to create treatments that will help to aleviate your stress, muscle imbalance and pain. With over 500 class hours in specialized kinesiology and a student of energy medicine since 1981, his approach to massage is a synthesis he calls Ontological Bodywork.

Picture of Marco Lopez, LMT

Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage

Every body can feel rejuvenated.

Marco specializes in Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Release because he believes it achieves the most beneficial response for his clients. His treatments will help relieve chronic pain in your specific areas and feel better in general.

Picture of Ning, LMT, BCTMB, MS

Acupuncture, TCM, Shiatsu, Tuina Chinese Massage, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Asian Massage

Balancing energy and blood flow results in a healthy body and mind.

Working together as a team, Ning can help you improve energy and immunity, plus clear and calm your mind and spirit. Her treatments will free and smooth your flow of energy and blood to reduce the stagnation that causes tightness, tension, pain and stress.



1335 West Lake St. #102

Chicago, IL 60607

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We have ample street parking around the neighborhood.

Weekdays (before 3 pm): Two hour zone parking on Randolph between Ogden and Ada.

Please note there are two channels: The east bound meridian has more parking available than the west.


Myofascial Massage
Manipulative treatment that releases tension in the membranes that connect and support your muscles (fascia). This tension can be caused by posture, trauma or stress.
Glute Massage
Running, walking and any other type of movement makes all the pain in the back fall on our glutes. Including a glute massage in your weekly massage can help with sciatica and general back pain.
Great video that shows Ning’s treatment of a patient; Acupuncture is great to treat your body to heal better and faster, it can also help with anxiety and depression.
Deep Tissue Massage
Video summary on the advantages of deep tissue massage. This type of massage helps reduce stress, breaks up scar tissue, and helps to improve movement.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage after your cosmetical procedure, liposuction treatment, tummy tuck or buttock lift (brazilian butt lift).
What is acupuncture massage and why should you try it? Let’s talk about this traditional technique that has been embraced by Western doctors and hospitals.
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage (European Massage), is a whole-body therapeutic massage that works the soft tissues and muscle to achieve relaxation and circulation.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage combined with Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) for better results.
Prone Vs. Supine Massage
Prone versus supine massage, what are the differences? Let us explain the advantages of each type of massage.